I have dedicated my private sector career to fighting taxes, because I understand the damage that excessive taxation has on families and small businesses.

California’s high taxes have forced thousands of business owners out of the state—costing families good jobs and countless opportunities. Higher gas taxes and threats to Prop 13 are only going to make California less affordable for residents already struggling to get by.

The career politicians in Sacramento have grown out of touch with the needs of our local communities. We have the highest taxes on income, sales, and gas in the nation, and a budget surplus in the billions, yet they keep demanding more. Anytime they see a problem, they try to solve it with a new tax or fee.

If we want to stop tax increases and lower the cost of living for California families, we need new leadership with fresh ideas in our State Capitol. I am not a career politician. I have been fortunate to have had a successful career in the private sector. I will bring my experience that stems from fighting taxes for the last 30 years to Sacramento and stop new taxes. This is the only way to make California more affordable for this generation and the next.

I support Rex!

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