Public Safety

In order to preserve public safety in our communities, we need to support law enforcement and stop counter-productive state policies such as early release.

Law enforcement officers in California and across the state do incredible work keeping us safe. As a retired Military Police Officer in the CA National Guard and Army Reserve, I empathize with the tough job our police and sheriffs have in keeping the peace. But while the officers on the street are doing everything they can to keep our families, businesses, and communities safe, the same can’t be said of the Sacramento politicians consistently passing measures that make our communities less safe.

Recent changes to our criminal justice system have had disastrous effects on our communities. Realignment pushed felons out of prison and into our local jails. Props 47 and 57 dramatically reduced sentences for criminals who committed serious crimes such as burglary, theft, and drug possession. These policies have resulted in increasing crime rates in California while the rest of the nation is getting more safe. We need to stand up to Sacramento politicians who put the needs of criminals above our families and communities.

Additionally, I will fight to undo the dangerous and reckless sanctuary state law that irresponsible Sacramento politicians passed. We cannot go around undermining law enforcement and tying their hands while asking them to keep us safe.

In Sacramento, I will stand with law enforcement and make sure that justice is served unequivocally to those who commit crimes in our State.

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