Property Rights and Water

When I was appointed by President Reagan to serve on the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, my first priority was always protecting private property rights.

Property and the pursuit of owning something to call your own has always been a key pillar of the California Dream. Having worked in the commercial real estate industry for decades, I have grown used to fighting the government at every turn to accommodate the never-ending regulations heaped upon private property owners. I will work diligently in Sacramento to ease restrictions that private property owners face—whether they be a family, a rancher, or a small business and fight to overturn the overabundance of red tape that Californians face.

Property rights isn’t just about the government leaving property owners alone. For too long, the water rights of Northern California residents have been ignored in favor of ridiculous water diversion plans and politically motivated legacy projects. Increasing water storage is the only way we can guarantee our residents access to the water they are entitled too. Building new dams and reservoirs will preserve our agricultural dominance and prevent the impacts of another crippling drought. In the past, I led the charge to build more water storage in our region: serving as a leader on three successful statewide ballot measures that increased funding for water storage and infrastructure. If we want to protect water rights for farmers and ensure that residents have access to the water they demand, we need additional water storage.

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