Nothing is more important to the long term prosperity of our State than the education of our future generations. I have worked in California’s education system and will be a leader for reform that puts the needs of students first.

While spending more per pupil than many other states, California consistently ranks near the bottom in K-12 academic performance. Last year, only 36% of California fifth graders and 31% of eleventh graders tested proficient in Math. Across all grade levels, only half of California students are proficient in reading. Sacramento politicians have been too willing to throw enormous sums of money at the problem with no measure of success or accountability.

In the State Senate, I will always measure our educational success not by how much money we are spending, but by how well our students are performing. I will be an advocate for Career Technical Education to ensure every student that graduates from a California public school will have career-ready skills to earn them gainful employment.

I had the honor of serving as a Regent of the University of California, helping govern one of the largest and most impactful research university systems in the world. I also have stayed involved with my alma mater, as the Past President of the UC Davis Cal Aggie Alumni Association. Using this experience, I will push to reform class requirements and availability in our university systems so that every student can graduate within four years.

It is long overdue for the State of California to invest in higher education north of Sacramento. I am committed to fight to bring more higher education opportunities to the district, including looking at ways to increase the number of CSUs, UCs, and Community Colleges located in the North State.

The State of California is failing our students and families. If we want to fix our education system, we need to change the people making education decisions.

During my time working for Governor Reagan, I saw how great education can be in California. I am hopeful that we can return to a time where children and their future are prioritized. I will bring a fresh perspective to Sacramento and stand up to improve California schools.

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